Our Promise

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In Sixth Form we plan a range of activities and tutorials to prepare students for their next steps. For the vast majority of students this will be applying to university through UCAS, for others help and support is provided as students move onto apprenticeships and into the world of work. You will be given opportunities to develop relevant skills through tutorials and extracurricular activities. The Sixth Form Team will help support you through every step of the process.

We have a range of tutors who are experienced in challenging and supporting students in Sixth Form. They will discuss your targets, your progress after each data collection and support you to ensure that you make as much academic and social progress as you can.

Over the course of the last few years our students have applied to a range of prestigious universities including Cambridge, and have been successful in securing places. In Sixth Form you will be given opportunities to join in with a range of activities to enhance your application. As part of the Year 12 programme we offer all students the chance to join us on an overnight residential at Lancaster University, where we work to develop the type of skills required for university and life after school. This, along with a day visit to Teesside University, allows students the chance to experience life in a higher education environment and develop communication, team building and interpersonal skills that will be invaluable after they leave Sixth Form.

Our Sixth Form Tutorial Programme encourages students to work in teams to develop their research skills and work towards the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). The EPQ is worth up to 70 UCAS points and is looked upon positively by universities for developing critical, reflective and problem solving skills. In addition our students can become mentors, supporting their younger peers in lower school. We have a very strong commitment to charity, working primarily to raise money for the TOMA Fund, as well as other local charities. Each year we organise a Christmas Party for the senior citizens in our community which in attended by over 150 people. Students plan and join in the festivities as well as entertaining and mingling with guests from local care and residential homes. These opportunities, along with our Football and Basketball Academies, strong links with industry and a commitment to personalised information, advice and guidance enable Walbottle Sixth Form students to thrive in a supportive environment which prepares them for every aspect of life beyond sixth form.

Life in Sixth Form

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Life in our Sixth Form is all about ensuring you leave with the best possible experiences. Whilst academic excellence is something we strive for and expect from all our students, we are also conscious that there is much more to be gained from life at Walbottle.

Sixth Form Students routinely take part in our comprehensive peer mentoring programme, working with Key Stage 3 students in lessons, supporting with homework and organisation during one to one sessions or planning activities and games for Lunch Club. Every December our students hold a Christmas Party for around 180 senior citizens from our local community, and Sixth Formers are involved in the planning, organisation and running of the event, as well as interacting with the guests. When you join us you will be encouraged to take part in as much as possible; this could be work placements across the city, sports coaching of younger year groups, taking part in university activities and even fundraising and travelling to exotic destinations with World Challenge. At Sixth Form you have the flexibility because of your timetable and please take advantage and think about the best way to develop yourself.

A-Level Results

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We have had some spectacular results this year and we are really pleased that the students involved have done so well and that performance is markedly up on previous years.

Academic (A Level Courses)

Summer 2015 Percentage of Exam Entries

  • A* is 7% which is 5% up on last year
  • A*- A is 23% which is 9% up on last year
  • A*- B is 53% which is 22% up on last year and (2014 National Average was 50.1%)
  • A* - C is 77% which is 26% up on last year
  • A*- E is 99% same as last year (2014 National Average was 98.6)

UCAS Outcomes & Student Results

  • Individual successes are so numerous but stand out students are -
  • Sally who gained A*A*AA; Amy A*AAA; A*AAB; Antonia A*A Dist.
  • Jarred , Olivia, Amy, Sam, Declan, Hannah who all gained AAB or ABB
  • All students with offers have been accepted into the course they have applied for.
  • Selected Universities.
  • Edinburgh – Sally – Psychology; Olivia - English Durham – Amy – Geography; Antonia - Criminology;
  • Northumbria – Hannah – Journalism, Lewis – Law,
  • Newcastle – Jarred – Philisophical Studies,

2015 AS Results – Year 12

  • AS Results are improved on 2014 and we have had some very impressive outcomes for students.
  • Student Successes – Ben – AABB; Lauren - AABBB; Jordan - AAB; Connor -AAC; David - AAAC; Despina - AAABC at AS; Jess - AACC; Jess - AABBC; Frankie - AABC; Hannah - AAAAC; Kate - AAAA;
  • 2015 AS Grade Profiles
  • A grades – 18% up from 12.6%
  • A-B Grade – 37% - up from 32%
  • A-C Grade 69% - up from 52%
  • A-D Grade 86% - up from 66%