When meeting the Lord Mayor, David Cook, we discussed his views on climate change. He also learned and discovered our carbon footprint and how to reduce it.

He talked about how he is not allowed to be party political and we discussed the benefits and drawback of electric cars. He was with Marion Williamson from the environment agency, who spoke about the politics behind climate change as the Lord Mayor could not.

We had a tour of the silver gallery and looked at all the gifts that had been given to the city. We also looked at the council chambers and in the Lord Mayor’s office. We skyped with Tim Burdon from Christian Aid and talked about his environmental campaigns in London. He showed us some pictures of his protests from outside the Houses of Parliament. He also talked about how children should campaign to give them more awareness, and showed pictures of the recent student campaign in Newcastle. He explained the work of Christian Aid, and how it is not just for Christians, but for all people in need.

He answered our questions on climate change and gave us his vision of a perfect world. For our projects we had to write a manifesto. We split into four groups to look at different aspects of climate change. We discussed a plan of action and assigned responsibilities and then spent a morning researching climate change with computers.

One group discussed how the school could combat climate change by replacing exercise books and text books with laptops and installing solar panels to produce our own electricity. Another group researched rising sea levels and how this would effect each continent. The third group looked at producing electricity and non polluting methods of transport, and the current effect on climate change. The fourth group made an interactive world map, looking at different countries, how much they pollute and also what they can do about climate change.

We developed skills in leadership and teamwork and organisation on how to arrange the project. We learned that there will be a worldwide shortage of water within the next forty years unless something is done about it.

We learned that the government has said that everyone must have electric cars by 2040. We developed skills in initiative and independence. We managed to succeed in making manifestos and are now much more knowledgeable about climate change. However we should have had more communication within our teams.

This project has inspired us to reduce our carbon footprint and change the world for the better, saving it from dying.  

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