Dear Parents and Carers 

Re: Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

As part of our ongoing communication with parents and carers we are writing to keep you updated about Coronavirus (COVID – 19) as events and government advice continues to evolve at pace. Following the Prime Minister’s latest briefing on Monday, 16th March 2020 we wanted to keep you abreast of the measures we have taken, and will continue to further develop, in response to the advice and guidance issued by the Government. 

The Government position is for schools to remain open which reflects our strong desire to educate our children and young people at this difficult time. As our school remains open there are several actions that we have put in place to avoid unnecessary contact, maintain good hygiene and avoid preventable congestion. We will therefore: 

  • Cancel all trips and assemblies 
  • Cancel any planned parent’s evenings or non-essential parent events in the school 
  • Cancel any primary school visits to Walbottle and vice versa 
  • Reduce the number of visitors into the school 
  • Ensure that there are ample opportunities for the students to wash their hands 

To assist with our promotion of good hygiene we would ask that you reiterate to your child our request for regular handwashing throughout the school day. 

Attendance We will be informing staff that they should not come into school if they are in a vulnerable group as defined by Government advice. It is our request that parents make the same call for their own child. Children should be kept off school for 14 days if: 

  • They or any family member they live with have symptoms of the Coronavirus. The 14-day period starts from the day when the first person in the house became ill. 

For further information, pertaining to Coronavirus (COVID – 19) you may find the following links useful: 

We reiterate that Walbottle Campus remains open on Government advice and we will act appropriately should this advice change.