What is Enrichment?

In the new year, lessons will end at 2.30pm but our school day won’t! This is when our Enrichment programme begins!

You will be able to choose from a fantastic range of after-school Enrichment activities and clubs, both academic and non-academic. Sessions last from 2.30–3.30pm and are run by our staff and overseen by Miss Morrison.

Why attend Enrichment?

Enrichment clubs and activities are an excellent way to help accelerate your academic progress. Whether you missed a lesson, need to improve your knowledge or require additional help with coursework then catch up sessions will provide you with expert support from a range of staff in different departments.

Enrichment activities also allow you to gain experience and skills in areas that might not be part of your everyday curriculum. Developing your personal skills and attributes by choosing to gain new experiences is extremely desirable to future employers and higher education providers.

Getting involved in Enrichment activities is also the perfect way to ensure you meet your Walbottle pledges:

  • Pledge 1: Regularly attend an after school activity
  • Pledge 2: Represent the school in a sporting, cultural or academic event
  • Pledge 3: Take part in an outward bound or residential programme
  • Pledge 4: Attend a national sporting, academic or cultural event
  • Pledge 5: Take part in a production or event
  • Pledge 10: Contribute to the sustainability of the school

Who can attend Enrichment?

Everyone! Whatever year group you are in there are a huge range of Enrichment sessions to choose from.

All clubs are free and transport will be available after school to take you home!

Whatever your needs or interests, there are lots of activities to get involved with.