• Pledge 1: Regularly attend an after school enrichment club.
  • Pledge 2: Represent the school in any event – sporting, cultural, academic or production.
  • Pledge 3: Take part in an outward bound, residential programme or field trip.
  • Pledge 4: Average attendance of 95% or more over 5 years.
  • Pledge 5: Take part in a formal presentation to an audience.
  • Pledge 6: Complete 1 task per week for Hegarty Maths.
  • Pledge 7: Take part in a ‘meaningful encounter’ with a potential employer, university or college.
  • Pledge 8: Be actively involved in a community experience or event.
  • Pledge 9: Help plan, organise or participate in a fundraising event. or actively promote a national or international
    awareness campaign.
  • Pledge 10: Help contribute to the sustainability of the school.

Enrichment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do the pledges link to the programme? Pledge 4 for example - when it says 'attend' does it mean in the capacity as a competitor or audience member?
To fulfil this pledge, a student can take part OR attend an event, for example: some students may take part in a Sports event or choose to attend a STEM event to represent Walbottle Campus.
Do the clubs last for the academic year or do they change each term?
The majority of clubs will run all year with the exception of a minor few, for example: the Golf club. This is funding permitted and will be monitored per half term. We will look to formally update the brochure every term. Any informal updates will be made via the google form or on the school website Enrichment page. If a club is removed, parents/students will be made aware in advance.
What is in place to assure parents that attendance is monitored? Safeguarding might be an issue if pupils decide not to attend without informing their parents.
Enrichment is optional to all students. However, with this in mind, there will be a robust tracker in place from January 2020 to ensure all attendance to clubs is monitored. Students that have signed up and do not attend, will be followed up during their tutor/VMG time. Staff will be expected to mark their students absent or present, just like they do for lessons. This will automatically update my live spreadsheet. If a student doesn’t arrive home, we can quickly check the club they have signed up for and look at their mark. All sign ups have been stored in the google form for future references.
Will students be encouraged to participate in national competitions (e.g. STEM based) through the enrichment programme?
Absolutely. Enrichment should be conducive to learning and will work alongside Reading Routes, VMGs and our day to day curriculum. All national events will be made available to students in advance and parents/carers will be made aware with plenty of notice.