Over the past three days in PBL we have learned that food poverty is a really bad thing in the world and that food banks are spreading more across the country as a result of food poverty.

Food banks are not just used by people who do not have jobs, in fact a large percentage of the people who access food banks are employed but on a low income and need to use the food banks to feed themselves and their families. Food banks are only there to help people who are living in food poverty.

On Wednesday, we learnt that Sainsbury’s are trying to help the community through an informative talk from the Throckley store’s community manager, Tracy; then on Thursday we went to Alnwick Gardens to see different types of plants for example: poisonous plants and non-poisonous plants and learn how gardens can be used to support food poverty in the North East of England.

After on Friday, made our own contribution to the cause by creating different herb pots, which we are going to be giving different teachers, along with care instructions and the reasons why they are being given these plants.

To stop food poverty we could donate more food to different food banks in the UK and we would like to promote this in the future. 

Our finished product was a display, including our herb pots and some posters demonstrating what we learnt about food poverty. We were able to display this in the showcase on Friday afternoon, as well as confidently discuss our findings with the visitors from the community. 

We have developed skills over these last few days such as respect for the people who are living in food poverty and ambition to keep on learning about food banks. We didn’t know much about it but now over these last few days we’ve learned lots. We used teamwork when we did the orientering task, at Alnwick Gardens, to find the answers for questions hidden around the garden and answer the questions. We then used our social skills in the exhibition when members of the public asked us questions about our project.

What went well when we were at the Alnwick Gardens is that we learnt about all of the plants in the poison garden e.g rhubarb leaves and catnip. A challenge that we overcame was the extreme heat and annoying rain that happened when we were at Alnwick Gardens, although we had fun in our free time when we had lunch. We went to the maze and we had to overcome going through the maze trying to find people from our group.

These skills will help in the future so we know what to do if something bad like food poverty happens to us. Respect could help us in future as people would help us if we respect them. Ambition could give us the hope to get a better job that we usually would because we are determined to get there. Teamwork can help us get along with people and that means supporting one another.     

A school blog post by the Allotment Allsorts students