Applied Science

BTEC Diploma / Extended Diploma

Applied Science BTEC is an excellent course for those wishing to study all three science disciplines – biology, chemistry and physics at Level 3. An excellent grounding will be provided in the basics of human biology, atomic structure and bonding, and the physics of communication.

The course involves trips to industry, laboratory time at university and other out of class activities – for example a dark skies night trip as part of the astronomy module.

Course Content

Core topics
Cell Structure, muscle and neuroscience
Blood and circulation
Plant biology
Atomic structure, bonding and the periodic table
Waves, broadband and communication

Optional topics
Cardiovascular disease
Physiology of human body systems
Human regulation and reproduction
Metal extraction refining
Organic chemistry and energy changes
Forensic evidence, collection and analysis



54% Coursework
46% Exam


Entry Requirements

5 GCSEs (4-9)
Maths (4)
English Language/Literature (4)
Science (4)


Course Outcome

Diploma:  2 A Levels
Extended Diploma: 3 A Levels