A Level

Biology is a stimulating and exciting course that covers a wide range of topics and ideas. We explore the inner workings of the body from the microscopic, to how we fit in the world around us.

Biology will work side by side with lots of other courses, having many transferable skills and topics including literacy, numeracy and practical based enquiry. It also leads into a wide variety of further studies.

Students studying A level Biology at our Sixth Form have progressed into Medicine, Speech and Language Therapy and Biochemistry courses at University.

Course Content

Year 1
Biological molecules
How organisms exchange substances with their
Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms.

Year 2
Energy transfers in and between organisms.
How organisms respond to changes in thier internal and external environments.
Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems.
The control of gene expression.



100% Exam

Entry Requirements

5 GCSEs (4-9)
Science (6)
Maths (5/6)
English Language/Literature (4)

Course Outcome

At the end of the course, successful students will gain one A Level.