A Level

Investigate, analyse and evaluate the politics and society of the Tudors and Weimar and Nazi Germany. Using primary evidence and the interpretations of historians, you will unravel the events of both time periods to create evidenced and justified evaluations about the past.

During Year 12, you will focus upon the reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII, and of Weimar Germany 1918-33. In year 13, you will debate the extent to which there was a Mid Tudor Crisis during the reign of Edward and Mary, followed by Elizabeth I, whilst also studying Nazi Germany,¬†including Hitler’s consolidation of power, racial policies and the impact of World War Two.

History students progress to anything and everything. with popular careers including: research, civil service, politics, journalism, law, consultancy, banking, business, PR, marketing, retail and more.

Course Content

The Tudors, 1485-1603
Democracy and Nazism, 1918-1945
Historical investigation in society


80% Exam
20% Coursework

Entry Requirements

5 GCSEs (4-9)
English Language/Literature (6)

Course Outcome

At the end of the course, successful students will gain one A Level.