Trying something new can be quite hard for a teenager. Sometimes you might find it boring or you might like to just sit around and play video games. In my opinion, I find it very hard to try something I have never done before. It is always good to try something new though because you never know if you’ll like it or not.

When I tried something new, I was really nervous and didn’t feel like participating. The hobby I tried was dancing. I was worried that someone would laugh if I failed. I found it helpful to watch the first session before I tried and then I realised everyone was so nice I wanted to try and join in – so that’s what I did. No one cared if I couldn’t dance properly.

This is why I want to encourage people to try something new, as you might just love doing something different.

I still go dancing now and I love it. I’ve made so many new friends and now I cant wait for each class.

I understand why people may worry about trying a new sport or hobby, but once you actually get there and get into it, you might love it.

A school blog post by Katie, Year 7